Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I love Thursday!

I love my Mother. I know that kind of goes without saying, since well..she's my Mom but this last week has truly taught me just how much. My Mother had surgery last week to repair a severe hernia that began to intrude on her other organs-& while it is considered a "routine" surgery it is still a scary thing watching, and waiting for someone you love so deeply to pull through.. I'm thankful, so thankful however, that she is in recovery doing very well I might add and if anything this experience has brought us together and made us realize once more that you are never too old to be a Mommas girl! Never too old to need her during a difficult time even if she is under anesthesia! lol

and it was!

I don't have anything else for Things I love Thursday other than we are headed to Georgia for Chads next job and I LOVE Georgia so I'm sure that I will finally have some stuff to post about, often, as in I will live up to my resolution to blog more! :)