Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not so cool afterall...

When I first started writing this blog my ultimate goal was to become one of those cool moms who had tons of funny and witty things to say about their life, their kids, etc or the cool moms who knew how to cook kick ass meals,take AMAZING photos, or craft tons of really awesome stuff that of course, they would sell on Etsy and make lots of money while also staying home and raising their super photogenic children-me, well I'm making no money but have you seen my child? Model in the making! ;)The moms who blog everyday, have a million readers and sponsors who join them in this ever growing sisterhood of moms who like to share TMI(but totally rock for doing so!) lol Me? Well, I'm just a mom who gets sidetracked (A lot, my last post was 2 1/2 months ago), goes to school full time, is raising a 20 year old (subtract the 0, well sometimes! lol) and planning a wedding...most of the time the best thoughts come into my head right before I fall asleep and after a day of chasing a toddler, writing papers with a million words each, picking up the same toys over and over and OVER again, etc, etc, I am certainly not taking my sweet head off that pillow! SO here I am again, playing catch up!

We are currently in Atlantic City after spending about two months at Lake Norman, one week at Holden Beach and then a week in Tampa for the Fourth of July!

I can't say that we will be hitting up any Casinos (for anything other than dinner of course!) since I'm pretty sure gambling with a two year old is, the last time Chad and I went to a Casino we didn't do so well! lol But, I am excited to be here since beyond the Taj Mahal and Revel there does seem to be an abundance of things to do with children so that's nice! Oh, and their aquarium only costs $8 per person TAKE THAT! Georgia overpriced Aquarium! Seriously, we spent $70 bucks just to get in that place and for what? One cool dolphin show 
and a slide she was too small to go down!  (take my advice, save your money!) Also, they have an outlet mall know where I'll be! lol

Hmm, what else?
This little beauty

Is talking up a storm these days I mean, full fledged sentences! Which could be a good thing OR a bad thing depending on who you ask! lol She is also learning new tricks such as, jumping off the table-which IS a bad thing no matter who you ask! lol All in all, this new two year old chapter even with its occasional attitudes is a lot of fun! The world really is a better place when you are looking at it from the eyes of a child!

What else? Oh yes, marrying the love of my life! :) We still have some ways to go BUT we are about to sign a contract for this lovely little place that we are in love with (which deserves its own blog, coming shortly!) So that is SUPER exciting! I have other ideas as well which I promise to also blog..lord knows, I need help sorting them all out and figuring out which ones we will use!

My cool mom promise from here on out is to blog more, even if that means getting "my sweet head off my pillow" :)

Till next time..