Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I LOVE Thursday!

                                                           I LOVE THIS couple!!
I have always loved Blake and Miranda separately..they are two of my favorite singers and well I would really like to be their best friends! ha ha I actually did a little dance at Publix picking this up, and then felt like a total nerd..anyways..their wedding was beautiful, and she looked beautiful..AND I think they are a beautiful couple!

SLUSHIE WINE!! How did I not know about this? The other night Chad and I were without ice so we put the wine in the freezer and HEAVEN! lol I think this is how I will drink wine from now on..well at least for Summer anyways!
Modern Family

This is probably the funniest show on TV..well that and Cougar Town..BUT I definitely LOVE this show!! My brother and I text each other every week quotes from the show..and I am pretty sure I see Chad and I in Jay and Gloria..oh and I think I might have some Cam in me too! ha ha

Tanglewood Wine Festival

I didn't get to go last year but it's one of my favorite things to do! I love the ambiance, the people watching and I especially love getting together with friends and family and just making a day out of it! Plus Chad and I fell in love with a wine called Skull Camp and it's the only place we've been able to find it so..We leave Friday morning to head up to North Carolina and I am so excited!

James Taylor, yeah I love him too!! Happy Weekend y'all!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lily Lately

Oh my sweet La La..she sure is a crazy one!I personally have no clue where she gets that from by the way! ;) I love that kid and she grows funnier little social butterfly who today tried to share her pickle with everyone at Publix and flirted with the deli guy..who turns off the TV or changes the channel(she really likes Telemundo) Who runs around the house saying Pop or AnMa..or her new favorite word(bad) poor Chaos he hears that a lot!Who has started to dance and sing into a microphone(okay so maybe she doesn't sing per say but it's still super cute!) Who surprises me everyday with how much she's changing, becoming a toddler;something which I've denied till now! My La La who makes me happier than I could ever put into words..

She recently discovered the water hose and can I just tell you that it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole life!

Little genius figured it out! :)

She has also learned to give kisses..or as we Popes call it "Suga" and boy does she ever!! haha She loves dem babies..

                                         I love Teddy's face in this one like "She did it again!" lol
Her and Sicilia were just the cutest little things that day!
What can I say..she's affectionate! :)

I also love the faces she makes..I show you this talk about another..

It's my favorite, I think I've said that before!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch this particular face on film but for the last week and a half she has been walking around with her front teeth out(picture a bulldog) and I had no clue where she got it from..until Chad told me his Papa used to make that face all the time! Today is his birthday...I never met him but the stories I've heard really make me wish that I's his birthday and two weeks ago was the two year anniversary of my Grandmother's death so I have been thinking a lot about legacy today.. Legacy is defined by Webter's Dictionary as "amount of money or gift left to someone in a will" or "something handed down from the past and from an ancestor" I think I like the second better because that is what I want for Lily..  I want her to know about her Great Grandparents and I want to tell her how much we miss them, what they were like..I want her to know them, and I wish they were here to know her..But then moments like her little face pop up and I'm reminded that they are her..everyday and I hope they all know how much I appreciate them looking after her and how much we really do miss them! So in closing I want to wish Mr. Erskine Lee Pope a very Happy Birthday!
Wasn't he handsome!

and to tell those Sicilian/Irish lovers Irene and Larry that I don't just name ducks after them..I think about them everyday and I miss them..
I see the three of you in Lily everyday..the humor, the grace, the funny faces, and in Irene's case the bossiness! lol Just kidding Grams!! ;) AND I promise to teach all the things you taught us and to show her how much she's loved from here to you..always!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

I am a curvy woman. I will never be a size 0. I will always LOVE pasta and wine(can't have one without the other I say!) I have a big butt, so big that sometimes it is really hard to find the perfect jeans! I've had boobs since the age of 12 and they are so big they get in the way while running for example. I will always have to work hard at staying in shape.. BUT with that being said I LOVE MY BODY!! I own these curves and I'm even more proud to say that AFTER baby because well, my body has been through a lot in the last two years! So this "Things I love Thursday" is all about the curves baby!

The message these days is that in order to be beautiful you have to be the skinniest girl in the room.. I for one call bullshit! Half of those skinny girls are miserable and unhealthy and well could really use an extra large milkshake, topped off with a Big Mac and some fries! lol Back in the day however women were WOMEN they had curves, meat on their bones and IT was appreciated! Take these women for example, women whom I might add years later are still sex symbols..

We can not talk about curves without mentioning the queen of sex appeal Ms. Marilyn Monroe who I point out was rumored to be a size 16!

Here are some more of my favorites from back in the day(p.s on a side note I LOVE the history from that era the stars, the glitz and glamour etc)

Sophia Loren

Jayne Mansfield                                                                       Bridgette Bardot

                                                                     Jane Russell
Bettie Page and Mae West both of which pushed the sexual envelope with their looks and often in Mae's case her words "I've been in more laps than a napkin." Seriously? lol These women are beautiful and it's a shame that today's starlets would rather talk about what diet they are on then how much they love their body. Although curvy women still exist in Hollywood here are just a few...

Monica Bellucci has been on the top of my girl crush list forever! I don't even like smoking and yet she makes it hot! lol
Kim Kardashian who is the ultimate IT girl right now when it comes to curves..her reality show family is over played as far as I'm concerned but well she's beautiful and sends the right message to girls so I LOVE her too!

Sabina Kelly..pinup..Chad's ULTIMATE crush! ;)

I LOVE Jessica Simpson (for real I'm semi-ashamed to admit that I would love to be her best friend! lol) I always get so defensive when the media attacks her just because she gained a little weight! She might actually be one of my jeans, chicken of the sea and all!
Well cause she's Sasha Fierce y'all! (and cause Julie will wonder why she wasn't on the list! lol)

I could definitely keep going but well this post is already getting too long..Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johannsen(who I really think is overrated, yet beautiful) Halley Berry, Eva Mendes etc.
I guess the point to this whole blog has been to LOVE your body..even if your not a size 0 or heck even if you are..It's your body, love it, own it and stop trying to change it! If God intended you to look a certain way he would have made you THAT way! I may love my body but there are days when I don't and you know what that is okay because well to quote Mae West one more time

                    "Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided"

So true Mae, so very who wants to go get me a Big Mac? ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Iguanas?

Thank GOODNESS Blogger is back up..geesh I've missed out on a few days! For the last week we've been in Miami, which was definitely a blessing because originally Chad was the only one supposed to be down here..Thanks to my brother and his ridiculous winning streaks at the Casino lol we were able to drive down! Here is where we've been staying:
Beautiful right?  Yacht Haven and the name is no joke here is just one of our neighbors from across the street
and then of course there are these neighbors...
                        And can someone tell me what the Hell this is? Straight out of Jurassic Park, seriously..
Now all week I've been seeing these lovely little buggers...which by the way make me really nervous to close my eyes while laying out! haha BUT nothing prepared me for this guy, who I thought was an alligator at first glance...
Scary right? I've lived in Florida my whole life and I've never seen these's not all that bad though, it's really beautiful here..peaceful..friendly..and well if anything it's like Lily has her own backyard Zoo! ;) Meet our new friends...
Are they not the cutest little things?! We've named them all..the yellow one is my favorite, her name is Lucy! :)

These two are Irene and Larry(my Gparents would be so proud, lol I named ducks after them!) and that guy below is Fred; Lily likes him the most since he allows her to yell at him and he's the most social! :) I love that she gets so excited when I put on her shoes in the afternoon and grab the bread, it's like our little routine these days and I'll miss it when we go home

 This fella we've seen everyday, I think he's following us..which is strange because he won't let us anywhere near him...and I'm sure you can see why! lol What can I say my girl is fearless!

Okay enough with the animal lesson..because I swear we did more than just hang out with ducks! lol Like yesterday for instance I painted my sweets little toes!  

We also went on a Mother's Day cruise, hung out with Uncle Guy and Llyod

We stopped to smell some flowers or not smell them because well Hibiscus flowers don't have a scent..
and of course like always bask in Princess P goodness..

Till next out for those lizards!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

EVERYday is Mother's Day!

I wrote this 3months before I found out that I too would become a mother..I found it today and after having the best Mother's Day yesterday I thought I would share it again! :)

I remember when I was little my mother was just the beautiful woman who kissed my boo boos, read me bedtime stories, and made sure that when I was sick I had plenty of chicken noodle soup. I loved her then as only little kids can; with amazement and awe of the big person...She was my mommy and mother's day consisted of macaroni and glitter picture frames, handmade cards and with a little of dad's help a nice necklace! =} It wasn't always the easiest household to live in but you would never know that by looking at my mother..she has these eyes that bring you happiness just by looking at them and as a girl I wanted nothing but to grow up and be just like her; I still do. As I turned into a teenager she became someone who I often misunderstood..fought with..rebelled I'm guessing most teenagers did, at least I hope! I stopped seeing her as my mommy and began seeing her as someone who didn't understand me, someone who even though I loved she just didn't get it. Mother's day was hallmark cards at best, and selfishly I hate to admit, I didn't try hard to make her feel appreciated on that day. Its funny when you look back on those times how often you forgot about the moments where she listened to stories about your first crush, like it was her own..then held you when you cried for three hours after it didn't work out, laughed the first time you got drunk with your friends, and helped you into the bathroom for the after the way she patiently allowed you to discover yourself even though you drove her nuts and how she just loved you through every moment you said you hated her...its funny how you forget...My mother has always been my best friend, it just took me years to figure it what I'll call my "adult years" I've come to learn how strong my mother really is, how amazing she tried to make my childhood, how she always put herself first..I no longer take for granted the moments I have with her, the days when she makes me laugh for no reason, the way her hug feels and how many times she's just been there..She taught me how to smile when things got rough, that when I love I should give my all, I can talk to strangers like nobodies business just like my mother does, how to pray when I needed guidance, to see the good in people, I see myself strong and beautiful because my mother does...she's an angel, she is all heart and soul..I can't really put into words the things my mother has done for me or continues to I'll always need she'll always be my mommy..its part of what motherhood is about I guess..This mothers day I don't know what to get her..I wish I could go back to the macaroni days...the silly class project that brought tears to my Mommy's eyes, that stayed on the fridge for years...that no hallmark card can touch...I wish there was such a gift to show your mother how deeply you really do appreciate and love her...cause I know that one day I'll hold a hand, thin and barely recognizable and remember all the mothers days, all the times she pushed me on the swing, curled my hair, came to all my practices, loved me...and smiled at my macaroni magic like it was the Sistine Chapel...To all the mothers, to my mother, to the women who nurture children who are not their the women who want to be mothers..thank you, and I hope your mothers day is filled with kindergarten project magic! the magic that makes you and your mother realize just how lucky you are to have one another!
I can only hope that I am half the mom to Lily that my Mother is to me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

Cinco De Mayo edition!

I love Mexican food but that is no secret! I've had everything from authentic to generic(Moe's)Mexican; I could eat it everyday! Oh and I'm not saying Moe's is a bad place because I love it too I am just saying it's not REAL Mexican food!..I used to think I would have a giant queso fountain at my be honest it's still in the running! :) I'm not going to post a photo because well..sometimes the food tastes better than it looks ya dig?! ;)

I love Dos XX! It is probably my favorite beer..lager or amber it doesn't matter, add a lime and I am all set! Plus Dos XX has the best commercials(well next to Bud Light anyway.) 

Pre - Baby Cinco...oh that was quite a night!

I love Mexico, or the idea of it anyway..I've never been but it's definitely a top honeymoon candidate for sure! I just think it's beautiful and well it's the perfect place for Chad and I to go since our whole relantionship has been spent at El Maguey! lol.

Yeah..that place right there..sign me up!

For all of you that are going out tonight be safe! Tonight I'm gonna watch me some Grey's, drink a Dos and call it a night! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I realize that I haven't posted any birthday photos and I guess I should post them before her next birthday huh? :) Fort Desoto is a beautiful place and the day couldn't have been more, friends, the sunshine and waves not to mention my sweet Lils(the guest of honor)! So here they are without further ado...

                                                                My two little loves

                                            Leah Gerber is calling, it's for you!! :)

                                                        Those two are so stinking cute!

                    They've got a career in diaper commercials if this whole baby thing doesn't work out! lol
I know you can't really see it but that is our awesome new bike carrier that came with an awesome pink and white Schwinn Windwood beach cruiser from Robin and Bill! AND we are so excited and thankful for it!! (as we are all the gifts our sweet love received.)

Now you know I love all the pictures from that day BUT these are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!!

I love Val, I always have which is convenient because we're totally related! :) Seeing her become a mother has been so awesome and man little Leah is just one awesome baby!! I love this photo of her because well she's beautiful and the sweetness of those babies is just evident!

Alan..not only is my daughter obsessed with him but so am I! He's got this amazing little face, a little man with soulful eyes..oh and  KILLER fashion sense! Matthew McConaughey watch out! :)

Lily's AWESOME cupcake tower made by Julia!! Who have I mentioned is the worlds greatest best friend, cousin and well everything!?!
Okay so this isn't from her birthday but this has to be included because it's a picture of three ladies I love so much and am so grateful that God sent them to me! Lucky..yeah I'm a lucky lady for sure!


C'mon did you think it would be anyone else? :) LOVE HER!!