Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I love Thursday!

I love chocolate!

I have Lily to thank for that actually! Before she was born I was one of few (very few) women who did not like fact I much preferred salty snacks over sweets but that all changed on April 25th, 2010! The second Lily was born I immediately started to crave chocolate-like in an over the top way and have been seriously hooked ever since! I'm sharing this so that I can share this:

Chocolate HEAVEN!!!

This is the second year that MOSI has put on this event and luckily this year we were actually in town to attend it! Chocolate everywhere, in every form-even chocolate BBQ rub! I even tried a chocolate covered cricket! It wasn't that bad by the way! In the words of Lily: yum yums


I tried the cricket, Chad had the jalapeno & gator jerky

Oh snap, I love chocolate!!

Just some of the chocolate creations!
I LOVE these cards!!

They never cease to make me laugh and this one especially cracked me up since well...Chad wears them..I mean I love HIM but those Crocs..I truly think they are the ugliest shoes on the planet..nonetheless, he will continue to wear them and I will continue to love him..but seriously, these cards crack me up and this one was just perfect!

I love this song!

& the video is pretty great too! I can admit that I have dated a guy who couldn't bait a hook and as you can see that clearly didn't work out! :)

& here are some more highlights from our time in Tampa
She wasn't super impressed by these birds( @Busch Gardens) hanging on her Daddy!

He is SUCH a boy! lol

Sesame Street Safari-she prefers her Elmo and Abby on the small screen and not in real life!

First time getting her face painted

The finished product!
Chad took Riley on his first "big" roller coaster

 Another trip to MOSI
 Tunnel crawler

The height calculator said she was as tall as Yoda! lol

Gasparilla doggy parade-although it really wasn't a doggy parade! She still enjoyed it though!

Future BUCS cheerleader

Dirt diggers


Monday, January 16, 2012

What day is it?

I haven't posted in nearly a month, although my intention was to post something at the start of the New Year-a resolution of sorts, to be a better blogger BUT here I am on the 16th instead! Tampa has kept us pretty busy-Christmas, my birthday (27 eek!), family fun of all sorts that I will share with you now;some of the highlights anyways!

 Those two cleaned up this year! Which is why I am only posting a few pictures-otherwise it might take me a lifetime! :)

Hey girl waz' up?!

Leah and Lily (I barely have any pictures of the family dinner, bummer!)

Tampa Bay Light
This was so AMAZING..this flag went all around the stadium, each person working together carefully to make it happen during the anthem! It was beautiful!!

                                                                 We won 5-1 :)

Loving the new tire swing! Has she gotten big or what!? My little love is now a bonafide toddler! :(

Mike and Meagan's wedding!

Where my handsome man was a groomsmen! He is third from the left, and I put this one up so that I could point out that he does NOT normally dance..but he totally got down with some Blue's Brothers and what can I say? I'm proud! :)

Oh and I caught the bouquet!

I've been pumping iron..seriously how else could I explain those massive forearms! ;)

Play date at the park with Danielle, John Jr. Macie-Lynn,Tara and Scarlett :)

Scarlett is such a little sweetie, she brought stuffed animals for everyone!

Chuck E Cheese fun & the new face she has been making!


Pinterest craft night with the girls
My scarves :)

I will post part 2 tomorrow because well, like I said we've been busy! :)