Monday, December 19, 2011

Dashing through the mall with no alcohol..

-I swear I heard that on the mall speaker today..or maybe I just made up in my head either way, it seems fitting! :)

I would really like to go on a vacation; people always roll their eyes when I say that considering the assumption is that Chad and I are constantly on one but, blessed as our life is (especially because of how many awesome places we've been too) I would still love to lie in a hammock somewhere on a secluded beach, drink in hand, and just relax! I think it has to do with the rush of the holiday season, it seems that no matter how hard you try not to get just do sometimes. Between shopping(which by the way I am still not done despite my best efforts to start early! I even went on Black Friday, dang it!) Christmas,birthday,work, friend parties (throw in the occasional wedding or engagement shindig and you hit the December mother load)shopping again, cooking, cleaning, family obligations, it's just go, go, go!! I don't want to sound as if I am complaining because to be honest I LOVE this time of year, I even love the craziness of it and I REALLY love being home in Tampa(although I miss my Winston fam too!)..where I get overwhelmed is in my attempts to make this Christmas perfect for Lily. As a parent it truly takes on a whole new meaning and Chad and I have both strived to really make sure we create traditions, memories for her to the best of our ability. And, you know what? I really think it will be, perfect I mean..because in six days we will get to watch our little girl as she opens up her gifts, and I will more than likely cry/smile/laugh/cry the entire time and I cannot wait; her face will certainly make up for all the crazy this month brings!

But seriously..who wouldn't want to be someplace like this?

I need to picture this the next time I have to wait in an hour long line just to leave the mall~

6 days till Christmas!!

To get ya in the spirit, another one of my favorite Christmas songs...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

I love Tampa by way of Thonotosassa of course! :)

I took this on my run today-I love looking at the lake but despite living near it my whole life I refuse to get in (one word-alligators!) Tampa is full of my favorite people(the other half of them anyway) and I am so excited to be home,as I stated before it has been almost 6months!!

I love little Barbie sized champagnes!
Especially this one:
I feel like nothing symbolizes the upcoming holidays more then champagne-but maybe that is the drunk girl in me talking..or the fact that my birthday is on New Years pick!

I love The Help and Crazy Stupid Love

I honestly could not choose which one to put on here over the other, because I literally just watched both in the last two days(we did a lot of driving!) They are both pretty great but The Help ranks slightly ahead of CSL in my opinion.. definitely worth checking out though-especially for those of you(like myself) that did not get to seem them in the theatres! Plus I REALLY love Emma Stone & this man of course
Because well..he is Ryan Gosling! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodbye Virginia, Hello TAmPA!!

Another job has come to an end and we are off to the next place-Hattiesburg, Mississippi! We were first told Boston which would have been so much fun since it is close to both Maine and Vermont(where some of my family lives) BUT oh well, Hattiesburg doesn't look too bad-is it sad that I base my excitement for a city by what restaurants are in town? I just love food what can I say, and Hattiesburg is home to The Shed the exact AWESOME BBQ joint located in Destin-excited much! :) Plus, there are like a gazillion roller skating rinks there(I'm not joking, when I looked it up earlier 15  were on the list!)-couple skate what?! ;) Anyways BEFORE we head to Mississippi(I totally say Mi-Double S i Double P i in my head btw!) we are going to TAMPA!!! I cannot contain my excitement since it has been almost 6months since the last time we were there! I am very excited to see my family and friends and partake in all the Christmasy festivities!

On another note, I do not have a lot of wrap up things to talk about as far as DC goes other than I freaking love it(but that is my nerdy history lovin self talking)..if I could recommend a few places though they would be:

  • Mount Vernon: One of the prettiest places I have ever been too (& that is saying a lot considering I spent 10 days in Greece!) you can check it out here but the pictures will NOT do it justice! Truly exquisite, and the historical value alone is worth a trip! :)
  • Aquia Pines RV resort: This is where we stayed while we were in town and the place is just beautiful! Peaceful, friendly, comfy, close to restaurants etc etc we really enjoyed our stay! There are cabins, RV sites and tent sites as well so there is something for everyone-plus they are opening up a lodge/hotel sometime next year on the property so REALLY something for everyone!  
  • Micks: Right up the street from the campground this place has awesome food(the wings-dry rub get them!) and a really cool lounge feel
  • Pancho Villa Mexican: is also up the street from the campground, pretty fresh, good Mexican food( & you know I'm picky about my favorite food!) kind of pricey but overall a good place! P.s try the Mexican Bulldog :)
  • All of DC really!
I really enjoyed it here, plus it was kind of the perfect time too(Fall) but I am ready for our next adventure and for Christmas in Tampa! :

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I love Thursday!

I have a confession to make, I am a bad in I take 3 week breaks sometimes bad..I try not too, but this last time I couldn't help myself thanks to school, a visit from family and friends, trips back to Winston, Thanksgiving, oh and of course there is that little thing called PINTEREST that has completely consumed my life(there I said it out loud, I am addicted) BUT I am back and it IS the first of December ONE of my favorite months by the this things I love Thursday is all about December!!! :)

I LOVE the TRUE meaning of the season: JESUS
I grew up in an Irish/Sicilian Catholic family where the meaning of Christmas was never lost especially at Grandma Irene's (who was born on the 24th I might add)! It meant celebrating St. Nicholas Day, Advent, an empty manger until Christmas Day, giving thanks before the meal, attending church Christmas Eve for midnight mass(a tradition I have never missed, despite rarely going to church otherwise these days) and you could only open one present the night before if you went!  It meant celebrating with family, Kris Kringle's, lots of laughter, hugging, snowball fights(which in Florida simply means balled up wrapping paper) McDonald's gift cards, enough food to feed an Army, and truly realizing that our family was together because Christ made it possible, gave us a reason...I'm grateful for those memories and I cannot wait to create some with my own little family-I even found the same Advent calender that my Grandparents kept in their house for Lily to take part in! I'm just excited this year period. I can't wait to watch Lily open up presents and  continue the traditions started by generations earlier-I just know my Grandparents would be proud!

I LOVE Christmas music!!

I try not to be one of those obnoxious people that start a holiday two months in advance but man once December hits that is truly all I want to listen too! In particular, there are two songs that have always been my all time is obvious because well, it is Bing freaking Crosby and the other is Josh Groban! Enjoy!

I LOVE Christmas Movies!!

My ABSOLUTE favorite is drum roll...White Christmas(which again should have been obvious! ) however, ELF is a close second and this is why!!

 I also love the classics Rudolph the Reindeer, Frosty etc, The Nightmare before Christmas and anything that comes on ABC family's 25 days of Christmas...actually I guess any Christmas movie will do! :)


It means Christmas is right around the corner, it means Birthday and Christmas parties, decorating/lighting Christmas trees, another batch of yummy food, gift-giving, the look on children's faces as they open those gifts!,Santa, cookies, FAMILY, friends and well the list could go on and on...I am just excited about this holiday because I have a daughter and a wonderful man in my life to start traditions with, create memories with and to me that is what makes December/Christmas so beautiful-the memories!