Monday, August 4, 2014

Just a little bit of Deja Vu

Lily at 5 months old.

                                                                Ava at 5 months old.

There are times that I feel as if I am looking at the same baby. In fact, I've caught myself calling Ava her sisters name more than a few times. It might be those same ocean blue eyes staring back at me, or that sweet bubblegum nose I recognize. It might even be the way that when Ava smiles her entire face lights up just like her sister or those dimples which line both of their cheeks. It's the way they are/were both such happy babies: always laughing, always smiling, always making googly eyes at their Daddy. Maybe it's that they have identical birthmarks: Lily's is on the lower part of her leg, while Ava's is near her butt yet they are the same shape and the same size. It comes in the form of a compliment, the same one for each one, that they look like doll babies or the fact that they really do. It's the sweetness in both of them, the kindness in their eyes.  
However, my little Deja Vu babies could not be more different from one another.
For starters, while her sister was born with black hair (yes, black) and went bald almost immediately before growing into the beautiful tow headed child you see today, Ava has held onto her red hair (yes, RED) for quite some time now and even though it is slowly turning blonde she remains my little firecracker. :)
 Firecracker is also my favorite way to describe this little biscuit since she is the most vocal and feisty baby I have ever met; always talking, always laughing, always making dinosaur sounds! lol I feel pretty grateful that neither of my girls have ever been overly fussy unless it's necessary (feed me, change me, my gums/teeth hurt, etc.) but while Lily was always content, especially when all her needs were met, Ava needs your attention AT.ALL.TIMES and she will yell/babble at you until you give her your undivided; which is totally fine by me, my Indian name is "she who spoils babies" after all. ;) Lily was also my late sleeper (she still is), and she started sleeping through the night very early on. Whereas, Ava is up at the crack of dawn and really enjoys 3am party sessions! Speaking of party sessions, Lily and I found our breastfeeding groove pretty much right from the get go, but Ava and I had to really work at it in order to find what worked best for us...and it wasn't easy, I'll tell you that! Lily always preferred the left boob over the right boob whereas in order to get Ava to take the left boob I literally have to flip her upside down and sideways.  Lily loved being swaddled, Ava acts as if I've placed her in a torture chamber. Ava loves tummy time, Lily couldn't stand it. Lily ran fevers while teething, Ava just drools and boy, does she drool!!  
They really are so very different but, so much the same and it really has been such a blessing discovering all the things about each of them that makes them unique while also getting to watch the things that inherently make them those ocean blue eyes!

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